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(ongoing project)

The story begins with the question of whether the women's profiles and relationship roles in the first written poems and epics can impact the relationship roles of today. It aims to explore social memory and history writing tools, which are crucial ideological instruments that the dominant power uses to establish its authority.


It consists of a long dialogue between examples of today’s relationships, notes from the first written pieces, visuals symbolizing the birth of the Gods, and photographs documenting today’s gender roles. 

The first phase of this ongoing project is based on the myth of Lilith, who was mentioned in the Old Testament as the first woman created with Adam by God.  Whereas Eve was created from Adam’s rib, some accounts hold that Lilith was made from the same soil as Adam. Refusing to be subservient to her husband, Lilith left Adam and the Garden of Eden's perfection.

As a woman at odds with relationship roles, also as a woman who is passionate in the relationships, my love-and-hate relation with romantic involvements continued for a long time. 


To discover one’s way in a romantic involvement, a person needs to experience a relationship which will force their personality, I guess. Maybe we do not have to escape to hell. But being obliged to leave someone you madly in love with can turns into hell.  


I asked women if they have ever had to end up a relationship because of a patriarchal reason while they were so in love. What were the worst details they had in their relationship and left in their mind, and how was the end? I collect all the materials and take photographs which may symbolize the memories. 

(If you are interested in this topic, you might also want to explore the Book of Lilits.)

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