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Born in Ankara, based in Berlin.
Artist, writer and researcher. 

İpek Çınar (she/her) completed her studies in Political Sciences at METU in 2018 and began her graduate studies in the Art in Context MA program at UdK Berlin in 2020. 

Working predominantly with the photographic medium since 2011, Çınar tells stories that seek to convey an idiosyncratic language by blending photography with writing and research. In addition to her photographic production, she contributes essays, interviews and series of articles to various publications, and acts as a content advisor, particularly on photography. Çınar enjoys the intersection of art and politics, and uses play, joy and unexpected encounters as a means of expression in her socially engaged art projects. In addition to her artistic production, she also works in the field of anti-discrimination and social justice.

She has had solo exhibitions at Poligon "The Shooting Gallery" (Istanbul) and Ka Atelier (Ankara), and taken part in numerous group shows in various countries. She has been invited to international artist residencies, workshops and festivals, where she participated in exhibition and lecture programs.

Ipek Çınar, who is also a member of AICA Turkey, has been co-editor of Orta Format since 2015, and she loves this initiative so much. 

Solo Exhibitions


“My Friend, Why are the Great Gods in Conference?”

in Ka Photography Enhancement Atelier, Ankara, TURKEY



in Poligon “The Shooting Gallery”, Istanbul, TURKEY

Group Exhibitions


"Aşina" at Bilsart, İstanbul, TURKEY

"Signals: Networks and Artistic Interventions" at Oyoun, Berlin, GERMANY

"Privilege of Dreaming" in Haus der Statistik, Berlin, GERMANY


“The Danger of Synchronicity” in UdK Rundgang, Berlin, GERMANY


“Aralık IV” in Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul, TURKEY


“Bolero” in EOS Gallery, Athens, GREECE

“Çekmeden Fotograf” in SALT Ulus, Ankara, TURKEY


“Bolero” in Place des Augustins, Geneva, Switzerland

“ISSP 2016 Final Exhibition” in ISSP, Kuldiga, LATVIA


“Glassbell” in Fotoistanbul, Istanbul, TURKEY

“Kuyudaki Tas” in CerModern, Ankara, TURKEY

“Bolero” in Torun, Ankara, TURKEY

“Haihatuksen Kevatnayttelty 2015” in Taidelaitos Haihatus, Joutsa, FINLAND


“The Amateur Photography Festival” in Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul, TURKEY

“This is a guerrilla exhibition. Really!” in Fotoistanbul, Istanbul, TURKEY


“Garden” in Ka Photography Enhancement Atelier, Ankara, TURKEY

Publications and Presentations


"Üretim, dayanısma ve ögrenme alanı olarak kolektif yapı", artist talk

GAPO, digital, see here.

"Velhasıl Fotografın Niyetini Okumak", artist talk

Orta Format, digital, see here.


"Üç Dakika: Ortanormal Forum", artist talk

Orta Format, digital, see here.

Overcoming Uncertainity in The Cultural Sector During the Covid-19 Crisis & Beyond, artist talk

Start Greece & Goethe Instiutut Thesalloniki, GREECE


“Independent Initiatives and Organizations in Turkey’s Art Scene”, artist talk in Taiwan Annual, Taipei, TAIWAN

“West Asia and South Asia Art Spaces x Taiwan Art Spaces”, artist talk in Taiwan Annual, Taipei, TAIWAN

“Aralık IV”, group publication


“Editörlük Askı Öldürür mü?”, artist talk in SALT Galata, Istanbul, TURKEY


"Balkon Konusmalari II", artist talk 

in pose, Istanbul, TURKEY

"Ayrik Otu", artist talk

in SALT Galata, Istanbul, TURKEY


Maps-Magazine, “Issue#3: Exploration”



“ISSP 2016 Final Exhibition”

in Kuldiga, LATVIA



in Cagliari, ITALY

“Documentary Photography Days”

in Fotograf Vakfı, Istanbul, TURKEY

“FINAL WORKS I Personal Storytelling: Photography Workshop with Arja Hyytainien”, in Istanbul, TURKEY

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