Taking the risk of being a ramble fish, perhaps I should mention this from the very beginning - Although I define myself as a feminist and seek one of my bearing points in feminism, I have never been a part of feminist activism. My relationship with feminism has never taken me to the streets, the crowds, or the protests. In fact, my relationship with politics, in general, has never taken to action. However, I am aware of how much the feminist movement strengthens us from the outside to the inside. 


The project I mention here, however, ignites that sense of feminist solidarity for me. Therefore, what creates a sense of togetherness does not always require being physically together. Sometimes it is about how we affect each other, how we interpret the energy we have, and how we can find a way to channel that energy into solidarity. It is possible to create fresh encounters for those who are introverted, who are quiet, who have anxieties, who are afraid to take to the streets in our current political environment.


Now I would like to tell you about my own method of intervention.

Taken by Nina Berfelde, Berlin

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Taken by Nina Berfelde, Berlin

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Taken by Saadet Çömlekçioglu, Ankara

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Taken by Nina Berfelde, Berlin

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Taken by İpek Çınar, Ankara

This project emerged as a rebellion against Turkey’s decree to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention. Istanbul Convention is a human rights convention of the Council of Europe to prevent and combat violence against women and domestic violence. The convention covers all women from any background, regardless of age, race, religion, social origin, migrant status or sexual orientation. It has been signed by 39 states so far, with Turkey being the first signatory.

During this intervention, artists, activists and Turkey-based immigrants placed 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm “Die Istanbul Konvention Rettet Leben!” stickers on products in supermarkets, drugstores and public spaces. The main goal of the project was to create an unexpected encounter with people and to transform a daily product into a campaign tool and leak the houses of families.

Here you can download Istanbul Convention leaflet in various languages: https://www.coe.int/en/web/istanbul-convention/leaflets1

Taken by Mercan Baş, Ankara

Taken by Nina Berfelde, Berlin

I have tried to share the 3000 stickers I printed with anyone who wants to participate in the intervention. I also prepared a guide on how to order new stickers within Germany. The reason I prepared this guide was to show how easy it is to print them. I thought this guide would encourage people to order new stickers. 
When I came back to Turkey, I prepared a similar document describing how to get prints in Ankara. 
The sticker designs are open-source. You can download them from here in English, Turkish, German and Czech.

Many thanks to Yasemin Köker and Kristina Leko.

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Taken by İpek Çınar, Safranbolu


Taken by Derya Yıldız, Berlin


Taken by İpek Çınar, Amasra

Taken by İpek Çınar, Berlin


Taken by Sojin Kim, Berlin


Taken by Delal Şeker, Ankara

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Published by Çatlak Zemin Feminist Platform (in Turkish)